Galvanizing Furnace


Results in Better fuel Economy and Longer Kettle Life


  • The high velocity burners are robust and extremely stable burners that deliver combustion gas velocities in excess of 150 m/sec. The result is rapid and uniform heat circulation around the zinc kettle.
  • The burner flames are short and the kettle is equipped with insulated heat shields by the burners. The danger of hot spots is eliminated.
  • The burners are equipped with UV-scanners and microprocessor flame programs and supervision.
  • The temperature of each firing lane is monitored by a separate temperature controller.
  • The furnace is lined with high temperature ceramic fiber wall, thus the heat losses from the outer furnace walls are very low.
  • Furnace and kettle are separate units The furnace is constructed as a separate unit. The steel kettle can therefore be lifted out without removing the heating system or furnace walls.
  • Temperature control. The temperature control is through indirect measurement of the zinc temperature, thus there are no thermocouples immersed in the zinc bath.
  • Two zone temperature control. The heating system can easily be divided in two zones, upper and lower zone. This can reduce possible top dross problems.
  • Warning system for zinc leakage. The control system also consists of a warning system if zinc leaks from the kettle.