Single Window Solution

Design & Engineering


General Product Range

Galvanizing Kettles
Best quality zinc kettles are manufactured at Galcon. Best grade low silicon steel plates are formed, welded and stress relieved using the state of art manufacturing process (asme norms are followed) resulting in longest possible life span of kettle.

Latest Designed Ceramic Baths
Immersion / top heated ceramic baths for galvanizing up to 550°c.

White Fume And Splash Control
Fume enclosures for green and clean shop floor, at very low power crane mounted retractable enclosures for cross shop layouts on kettle hood & duct extraction systems.

Flux Drying Ovens
Recuperated hot air assisted cross-flow drying chamber, floor heating by hotplate, humid air extraction, motorized insulated lid type heated by
furnace exhaust gases.

Zinc Pumps
Capacity up to 100 tons / Hour

Design And Consultancy
Complete plant design upgradation & production cost control.